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FM WhatsApp APK (Official) Latest Version Download

What exactly does FM WhatsApp mean? What is the process? What are their effects, and how do you install them? This manual will cover every aspect of FM WhatsApp. You already know this software is an adjusted version of the original WhatsApp. Therefore, why should you use it? The answer is simple: for an improved visual experience and enjoyable features not included in the actual App.

You may modify this program to suit your tastes, thanks to the variety of customization options it provides. For instance, if you don’t like the green theme of the original App, you may change it to the upgraded version. For links to WhatsApp groups, see HERE. Convenience may be what makes you happy with looks.

The sole objectives of this revised version are to include necessary features, a user-friendly interface, and more functionality. After giving a quick rundown of FM WhatsApp’s operation, we’ll examine the different parts. Ultimately, we’ll provide you with instructions for downloading and installing them. For more information about FMWhatsApp, read whether you’re searching for a new WhatsApp Mod or are interested in this popular type of Mod.

FM Whatsapp

A brilliant developer named “Fouad Mokdad” created the FM WhatsApp APK, and “Fouad Mods” is his official website. The fascinating WhatsApp mod FMWhatsApp (FM WhatsApp) allows you complete privacy and some exceptional features that are not included in the original WhatsApp and which improve the wonderful experience of chatting with pals. Although the official WhatsApp app is excellent, it has restrictions on communication, security, and privacy tools. Additionally, FM WhatsApp enables us to transcend limitations and change how FM WhatsApp Messenger is used. It is regularly updated with the newest modifications, possibilities, and features. On our website, you may get it for nothing. To begin downloading, click the button. WhatsApp significantly influences how the internet and social media transform communication infrastructure. One of the most universally used immediate messaging apps, WhatsApp, is accessible on Android and iOS mobile devices. Despite being free and having essential features, WhatsApp gives users little freedom.

FM WhatsApp

WhatsApp modifications like GBWhatsApp, YOWhatsApp, and OGWhatsApp come into play to fill all the gaps. FMWA is the best WhatsApp customization, despite there being countless others. It has many beautiful features, including modifying the app icon and hiding your online status.


Themes are only one of the characteristics that may be customized in FM WhatsApp. FMWhatsApp offers more than 100 themes. There are also fresh wallpapers available. In FMWhatsapp, you may modify the font style and language. Additionally, you may publish 7-minute status updates and see deleted messages and statuses. All of it is free. There is nothing you need to pay for.

FM WhatsApp

View status is hidden.

Another extraordinary feature of FMWhatsapp is the ability to hide the display status. The extra capabilities given for privacy make MODs more popular with individuals. Thanks to this function, you won’t be able to see the status updates of individuals who have posted tales about them. This feature of FM WhatsApp may be significant to you since it enables you to stay entirely nameless without alerting your familiars that you are online and have been reading their messages without responding.

FM WhatsApp

Freeze Last Seen

 In the original program, you could keep out of sight your last time if you didn’t want others to call you on WhatsApp. However, even if they closed their eyes and stopped moving, they couldn’t see your last time or the last time of other people. This mod differs from WhatsApp’s original version despite the accounts. The most recent version of FM WhatsApp allows you to see your familiars but not for them to see you. This hack will enable you to cover your final eye and view other people more.

Anti delete status

The anti-delete status is one of FM WhatsApp’s most remarkable characteristics. If someone uploads a story in the status area and then deletes it, the description will be removed, and no one will be able to read it. However, with FMWhatsApp, you may still view this page even after removing other people’s tales.

Blue ticks after a response

We often receive messages and read them but cannot respond to them for various reasons (show blue ticks after reply). What is the answer? Only blue dots will be displayed while responding to the sender and not only viewing the message with the support of FMWhatsApp.

Delete-Preventing Messages

FMWhatsApp has a function similar to the anti-delete status feature that prevents messages from being deleted. The recipient will notice “This message has been wiped” and won’t be able to determine what the sender had to say if the message is deleted after it has been delivered.

Hide recording and typing text

Hide voice message composition and recording action text: If you enable this option when speaking with someone, neither the voice message you are creating nor the voice message you are now recording will be shown to them. Download FM WhatsApp immediately to use these features and the highest level of privacy imaginable.

Pick Your Favorite Chats to Pin

Identify Your Favorite Talks: FMWhatsApp allows you to identify your favorite chats. The chat you wish to read may be accessed this way quickly. By avoiding the need to waste time looking for the conversation, you will save time.

Wallpaper WhatsApp

In FM WhatsApp, you may select your background. Therefore, set a friend’s image as your chat screen’s background if you prefer to view him.

Creating a Chat backup

You may build a conversation backup in your Android version with this program. Now, WhatsApp users may upload the backup and enjoy additional features of this program by downloading FMWhatsApp APK on any Android smartphone.

Fonts And Icons:

When using mobile applications, fonts and icons are vital considerations (especially messaging applications). As a result, you may select some intriguing typefaces from the theme store if you like custom fonts or are sick of using standard icons. 

Hide Media:

You can conceal your FM WhatsApp files and media if you don’t want anyone to view them. You may keep your data on FMWhatsApp private by using this software to hide your media from the gallery.

App lock

One of FMWhatsApp APK’s most popular security features is this one. You may improve the security of your communication by activating the app lock on your Android devices using this version.

What’s New in FM Whatsapp 2023?

  • One hundred conversations can be pinned under the new anti-ban mechanism. 
  • flaws and problems that were repaired Using the most recent upgrade, 
  • the smooth operation was resolved
  • Upon attempting to access the camera,
  •  a new launcher icon problem was solved. 
  • New themes have also been introduced,
  •  and the base has been upgraded.

Why You Should Download FMWhatsApp APK

People choose to utilize mods over the original program because they are almost always a superior option. Adding additional functionality that the original program did not have, enhances the user experience. This explains why a lot of individuals favor using WhatsApp Mod APK. For instance, FMWhatsApp enables you to use two WhatsApp accounts on a single Android smartphone while offering privacy that the original software lacks and customization options with thousands of themes accessible in the theme shop.

How to Download FM WhatsApp APK on Andriod?

You must wish to download FM WhatsApp APK after reading all of the benefits of FM WhatsApp. The process for downloading games from the Google Play store and third-party websites is different, so if you are unfamiliar with it, you should read the provided steps.

  1. The FMWhatsApp APK file download requires you to activate “Unknown Resources” to install it.
  2. Tap the FM WhatsApp download in the downloads section of the file manager.
  3. Open WhatsApp when the installation is finished.
  4. You will now be prompted for the number needed to create a new account or log into an existing one.
  5. After that, your phone will get a code.
  6. Start using FMWhatsApp by typing in that code.

FMWhatsApp IOS Download

  1. The “unknown sources” setting on your phone must be enabled to install it.
  2. The program must then be downloaded after that.
  3. Afterward, download FMWhatsApp.
  4. You should click on the downloaded item in the directory after it has finished downloading.
  5. Then, you must make “Unknown Resources” available.
  6. Once permissions have been granted, the installation will launch automatically.
  7. After installation, you may click the app’s icon to utilize FMWhatsApp and access the functionality that the original app does not support.

FM Whatsapp For PC

  • Install FMWA on your computer by following these easy steps: Start by downloading any Android emulator from the website mentioned above.
  • On your computer, install the emulator.
  • Use your Gmail account to log in.
  • The most recent version of FMWhatsApp may now be downloaded from the link below.
  • Install the APK by opening it in the emulator.
  • You may now begin using the PC application.


If FMWhatsApp doesn’t download to your Android device, there must be a problem with the downloading procedure. Consider the following options if you are clueless or feel that you ought to be aware of the causes:

  • Internet Connection

  • Less Storage

  • Older Android Version

Internet Connection

Even if you don’t have an internet connection you may still enjoy the additional features of this mod by downloading this Fm Whatsapp on your phone. Therefore, having a reliable internet connection is essential if you want to download the most recent version of FM WhatsApp.

Less Storage

Your FMWhatsApp will only download if your phone has enough storage. Therefore, you’ll need to make room on your phone so that FMWhatsApp’s APK file may be stored there.

Older Connection

It is not possible to download FMWhatsApp in earlier versions. Android’s most recent version supports FM WhatsApp APK.


  • There are additional alternatives for privacy. 
  • People may need help to tell whether you are using FM WhatsApp.
  • It contains an anti-delete function that keeps the recipient from deleting your sent messages
  •  A new security feature that helps limit access to your discussion, over a thousand themes in the library, 
  • so you may pick whatever music you like and more. 
  • Up to 10 photos can be shared in a single message.


  • You have no means of knowing who has access to your data.
  • Your security may be put a Risk  because the developers have access to your communications,
  •  And the functionalities could have been quicker than they were in the original program.



  1. What is the FM WhatsApp?

The fascinating WhatsApp mod FMWhatsApp (FM WhatsApp) allows you complete privacy and some exceptional features that are not included in the original WhatsApp and which improve the wonderful experience of chatting with pals. Although the official WhatsApp app is excellent, it has restrictions on communication, security, and privacy tools. Additionally, FM WhatsApp enables us to transcend limitations and change how FM WhatsApp Messenger is used. It is regularly updated with the newest modifications, possibilities, and features.

  1. What are the features of FM WhatsApp?
  • On the same phone, use two WhatsApp accounts at once.
  • Change WhatsApp’s theme to personalize how it looks. You don’t need to store a phone number on your smartphone to send a message.
  • Send messages to up to 500 recipients instead of the standard version’s maximum of 250 recipients.

Q.Is FM WhatsApp safe and secure?

Whatsapp FM security levels? These modifications are not popular with WhatsApp, which has previously prohibited users from using them. In the end, WhatsApp modifications are not secure. Although the adjustments they provide may seem appealing, it is advisable to avoid downloading such programs.

Q.Who is the Owner of FM WhatsApp?

A brilliant developer named “Fouad Mokdad” created the FM WhatsApp APK.


With its servers, the original WhatsApp is operational. Fm WhatsApp, however, is the ideal side choice if you want to add a slight variation to your app selection. You received complete information from us. You must now make a choice and live with the results. Decide what is best for you by weighing the advantages and disadvantages. We can only provide you with advice. But the option is always yours.



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