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GB Whatsapp Apk Download For Android (Update) 2023

The most recent version of Whatsapp to avoid the block, GB Whatsapp Apk, was made available for Android devices in late 2016. Because it has many additional and unique features, The software was produced. To provide GB WhatsApp users with more privacy and security for their chats. GBWhatsApp is the name of the modified version of the official WhatsApp. You gain much more functionality when using GBWhatsApp instead of the original WhatsApp. 

The customization options available in GBWhatsApp are numerous. . On your smartphone, you can download and install GBWhatsApp APK if you wish to utilize WhatsApp with a few more features.WhatsApp is now widely used to exchange various media, including movies, photographs, audio, and more. If you didn’t use it, you should do so right now. Don’t worry about putting the app on your smartphone or downloading it.

You’ll be told how to download and install the program. Several applications exist, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.WhatsApp has several features that make it quite popular. However, a new version of WhatsApp has been introduced with more incredible features. It is a stunning piece of software with modern user features.

What is GB Whatsapp?

As internet usage increases, people are becoming more socially linked. Because connecting with the individual or group of people you respect is now as simple as eating a piece of cake, it’s been a big hit since its introduction in 2009. Whatsapp is unquestionably a blessing for our society, as we all know. It provides a quick communication link, making interaction with anybody the simplest.

GB Whatsapp Apk

A WhatsApp call, a voice call that is available in addition to text messages and consumes minimal internet, is relatively straightforward and can be made by anybody. 5.5 MB of internet space would be used for a 30-minute call. There is also a VIDEO CALL option available in addition to the text and voice calling features. The introduction of video calls, which no longer require downloading an additional program, benefited everyone. The internet not only helps us manage our phone’s internal space, but it also saves us time.

Difference Between Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp

The primary distinction between WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp is that although WhatsApp refers to the application’s initial release, GBWhatsApp is the name of a well-known WhatsApp mod. A modified version of an application with additional features released on the market is referred to as a mod of the program. Its goal is to give consumers a WhatsApp-like experience with different capabilities that the original WhatsApp did not offer. These features include the capacity to utilize two WhatsApp accounts at once, concealed message ticks, auto-reply (as seen on WhatsApp Business accounts), more extended video status, and more.

Auto Reply

Are you familiar with WhatsApp Business’s “auto-reply” function? With the help of that feature, you may answer your WA contracts even while you’re unavailable. An auto-reply message can be chosen. Also accessible here is this functionality. Additionally, simply touching on someone else’s status, you may replicate it. You don’t have to screenshot their status to accomplish this. It’s a neat function of GBWhatsApp. In GB WhatsApp, there is an always-online function. You may present yourself online around the clock with this.

GB Whatsapp Apk

Other capabilities include connecting to WhatsApp Web, enabling passwords, backup, scheduling messages, changing your last seen, and much more. Although GB does support the browser version of WhatsApp, none of the new features will work there. You might also back up your communications. You may always restore them in this manner. For conversations, you may utilize GB WhatsApp’s message scheduling feature. For safety and other reasons, you can modify your last seen.

Great support for multimedia

There have been several enhancements made to GBWhatsApp. Larger files may now be shared with friends. Look below.

  • Send considerable audio-visual and image-based assets
  • Send video files that are up to 50 MB
  • Up to 100 MB of audio files can be transferred.
  • Upon transmission, the original quality of the photographs
  • In GB, change the video player to WhatsApp
  • more than ten photos to send
  • Videos shared online could only be 7 minutes long, as opposed to being limited to 30 seconds.


Use the DND function on your Android device to sever the internet connection for GB Whatsapp if you want to avoid being interrupted by messages while using another app.

Sort messages

Users of the GB WhatsApp Pro APK can erase chats when filtering their messages using the Filter Messages function. 

Download Statuses

With this software, you may download the pictures and videos your contacts posted as status updates.

Amazing Font

 Do you dislike the standard typeface? After that, you may use this option to choose your font. Make your chosen typeface uniquely yours by using this tool.


Includes an anti-revoke message function, which means that even if someone sends any kind of message and subsequently deletes it all from their end, you may still read the deleted messages by default.

Conceal the recording status

Simply enable this function, and your recording status will be hidden from everyone. This will keep others from learning that you are making a voicemail. 

Trendy Tick

The default Single Bule tick and Double tick Symbols should be changed. Available are more than 30 different fashionable tick mark symbols.

Alter the icon

Want to Replace the dull Default WhatsApp Launcher Icon or Hide Your GBWhatsApp? Stylish WhatsApp Icons number over 100.

Group Features

For Group Admins Only, GBWhatsApp Pro Has a Few Special Features. You may view the group members who are communicating and how frequently.

Set a password

 if you value privacy! Lock a certain Chat, Group, or Entire GBWhatsApp Account Using a Password or Fingerprint Lock.

Backup & Restore

Do you want to move from the original WhatsApp to the GB version? To protect your data, it offers a robust backup and restores capability.

The Benefits of GBWhatsApp

You must be aware of the benefits after reading about all the features of GBWhatsApp. The official app will have fewer functions than it has. In addition to the options you may have already read about in this article, you may share larger audio and video files and hide your online status. Despite this, every program has certain drawbacks. Discover more by reading the article.

Key Features

  • Automatic Reply Option
  • enhanced privacy choices
  • by being able to conceal the last scene.
  • The capacity to hide the conveyed message
  • being able to cover Read Receipts.
  • Only reveal the last seen to selected contacts.
  • Up to 35 characters may be used in the group name.
  • Each WhatsApp story may be saved to a phone.
  • You can copy a contact’s status by pressing on it.
  • sending all files is possible (Eg. Apk, etc.)
  • the option to change your status from the default 139 characters to up to 255 characters.
  • The ability to broadcast to 600 people instead of just 250.
  • selective copying of the status is possible.
  • You no longer need to store the sender’s or the group administrator’s phone numbers to click on the links.
  • To distinguish between broadcast messages and regular communications.
  • Option to be online continuously, presumably at the expense of battery life.
  • Ability to make a call immediately from the app on the phone.
  • We are modifying the tick and bubble styles.
  • Any element of the program may be modified in any way you like.
  • More than three chats can be pinned.
  • The Contacts Tab’s style may be modified.

GB WhatsApp for PC

Since GB WhatsApp is an APK file, computers cannot run it. However, if you use an emulator, you may use this hack on your PC. You must take a few easy actions to download and install this mod on your computer. These procedures are:

  • Install an emulator on your PC first after downloading it.
  • Visit the following link to download GBWhatsApp.
  • You may install this mod using the emulator, which mimics an android environment on your computer.
  • You may use this mod on your PC for nothing after installing it.

GB Whatsapp for iPhone

Although several gadgets are used today, the iPhone is the most widely used. Many users of this device need to understand how to download iOS on their phones. Stay with me if you are familiar with the downloading procedure!

  • Start by visiting the website on your device’s browser.
  • For the installation to start, open the downloaded file.
  • By selecting the button below, you can download the iOS file.
  • For the installation to start, open the downloaded file.
  •  Several seconds later, the installation procedure will be finished.
  • Launch the app after the iOS version of GbWhatsApp is installed.
  • Access WhatsApp by signing in or by making a new account.
  • Enjoy the app right now!

GB WhatsApp for Android

The modified version of GBWhatsApp is not accessible through the Play Store, so if you’re interested in using it, you’ll need to download it from a third-party website. Read the following for straightforward instructions on downloading and installing this mod on your device.

  • The browser must be launched.
  • Search for “GBWhatsApp.”
  • On your phone, turn on the page.
  • Clicking the download button is necessary to download the file.
  • (Using the download mentioned above option, you may also get GB WhatsApp from this website.)
  • As the file downloads to your device, wait.
  • The File Manager should now display the downloaded file.
  • You’ll be questioned about it.
  • Install the file by enabling “Unknown Sources.”
  • Wait right now till the installation is finished.
  • The file should be opened after installation.
  • The number you’ll be using this mod on should be entered.
  • You can use this mod once you have satisfied the prerequisites.


Q. What is GB WhatsApp?

The most recent version of Whatsapp to avoid the block, GB Whatsapp, was made available for Android devices in late 2016. Because it has many additional and unique features.GBWhatsApp is the name of the modified version of the official WhatsApp.You gain much more functionality when using GBWhatsApp instead of the original WhatsApp. 

Q.Is WhatsApp GB free?

It’s a free messaging program that has evolved to include several features, including video calling and group conversations. Below, you can check out the app’s latest features. The previous version did not offer a completely customizable, user-friendly experience; the new version does.

Q.Is GB WhatsApp better than WhatsApp?

The GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp interfaces, installation processes, and message-sending and receiving procedures are essentially the same. Except for the fact that WhatsApp for GB has more features and hacks, they are similar.

Q. Can GbWhatsapp Work on iPhones? 

Incredibly well, just like on Android and iPhone.

Q.Who is the owner of GB WhatsApp?

Atnfas Hoak

Q. How Do I Download GB WhatsApp?

You must click the download icon on this page to download this mod to your device. The download of your file will begin.

Q. How Do I Install GB WhatsApp?

Open the file you just downloaded. After activating “Unknown Sources,” install the file. Fill out the relevant information first.

Q.Is It Safe to Use GB WhatsApp?

The creators tested this software before it was released. Other than that, many people use this program, and nobody has yet complained. So, using this software is safe.


I sincerely hope you like the official WhatsApp APK app. GB The security and plans offered by WhatsApp are comparable to those of the official Whatsapp. Therefore, install Whatsapp Plus APK immediately if you want more added features. I sincerely hope you like this information. We’ll be forever thankful if you tell your friends about this awesome GBWhatsapp APK. It’s likely one of the top applications with the newest features. You won’t have any security-related issues because it has the same license as the original product.

Change the style of the Contacts Tab. The main advantages of GBWhatsApp include features like masking the online status and airplane mode. This mod offers more privacy and has no related costs. Intriguing features like hiding Double Ticks, switching Themes, adjusting the Online Status, utilizing WhatsApp Accounts, and many more have been added by developers to the official WhatsApp.After reading the list below, you’ll be encouraged to acquire this hack for your device.



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