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InstaSave APK Download Instagram Videos and Photos

Designed for your convenience, InstaSave APK is a tool created by our specialists. Consider finding something you want to preserve while looking through your Instagram accounts. Describe your approach. The InstaSave Online feature will, after that, be utilized in such a situation. One of the most extraordinary Instagram downloader services is Instasave Apk, which was created specifically to save Instagram pictures, videos, IG TV, albums, multimedia, and looping videos for nothing.

We know that Instagram does not offer an option for images or videos, but what if we require a download from Instagram? Instasave online will be your buddy and enable you to download original Instagram photos or videos in the same HD quality they were initially submitted.

instasave apk

Instagram video download on your device. Save Instagram videos to view them offline and with a weak Wi-Fi connection. Use this straightforward and reliable solution for all your Instagram needs, including downloading photos, videos, posts, reels, stories, and IGTV!


The most used photo-sharing platform worldwide is Instagram. Facebook owns the American social networking site for sharing images and videos, which was launched in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. It enables us to post editable media that can be filtered, categorized, and geotagged.

The best Instagram downloader available online is Save Insta, which allows you to download videos in high-quality mp4 format, stories and highlights (Story Saver), images and profile pictures, reels, and anything from private Instagram accounts.

Simply copy the video or image’s URL. Then copy and paste it into this area. Save it on your device, whether it be an iPhone, an Android, or a PC, at the end. In this way, you are utilizing it to download Instagram reels or videos. It only requires two clicks to download videos from Instagram without quality loss. Instead of depending on risky apps, be grateful for low-quality videos.

Why Should You Use SaveInsta?

Instagram is a social network that enables members to post well-known images and videos. It is sometimes shortened as IG or Insta. Users may enjoy several experiences, including pictures, narrative, slideshows, and video editing modes, using the free Instagram app on iOS and Android devices.

instasave apk

Instagram users can’t download and store photographs and videos on their devices, even though millions of new photos and videos are posted daily. Using third-party websites like SaveInsta downloader is the most effective approach to downloading Instagram material.

Features of InstaSave APK

instasave apk

  • Download an Instagram video quickly, simply, and securely.
  • There is no need to sign into your Instagram account.
  • Simply pressing a button will allow you to download Instagram videos and images.
  • Save and download images and videos in their original quality and resolution.
  • From personal Instagram accounts, save and download videos.
  • High speed: The current record for download speed belongs to Snapinsta.

You can easily download any Instagram photo or collage with Insta save in addition to a single post image.

Watch Instagram Stories

You may read someone’s Instagram Story privately and securely thanks to SnapInsta’s new function, the Instagram Story Viewer; You may view other characteristics (Like, view, follow) by viewing on Instagram itself and downloading IG story videos to your device in addition to viewing the story on SnapInsta itself. Why not try out the IG Story Viewer function right away?

instasave apk

Instagram video downloader

With the help of Insta save, you may download Instagram videos for any reason. Many and some Instagram videos may be downloaded using insta save.

instasave apk

Download Instagram Reels

Reels is a new Instagram feature that makes making and finding engaging, quick movies easier. You’re invited to make entertaining films using Reels to post on Instagram with your friends or anybody else. 15-second multi-clip films may be recorded and edited using new artistic tools, audio, and effects. When Instagram does not support you in this, Instagram Reels Downloader, by installing save, will let you download Reels videos from Instagram posts to your device in the most straightforward method possible.

instasave apk

IGTV Downloader

Instagram created the standalone video app IGTV for iOS and Android mobile devices. As opposed to Instagram feeds, it supported lengthier videos. Although basic functionality was offered within the Instagram app and website, IGTV was accessible as a standalone app. The IGTV video is long; if you can’t view it now, you can download it to your computer to watch it later without needing a network connection, or you may remove IGTV.

instasave apk


Anonymous Instagram Viewer Online

With the help of our website, Instagram Saver, you may visit Instagram anonymously and without creating an account. You can also use Instagram Story Viewer to see Instagram Stories or even Instagram Highlights anonymously. You can see Instagram profile pictures on the website. Thus, all you need to do to view any Instagram profile without creating an account or checking in is to type the user’s username in the appropriate field.

How to Download Instagram Photos?

The essential choice for directly downloading photographs from Instagram in jpg format without restrictions is instasave APK if you want to save photos from Instagram.

  • Choose the Instagram image or video that you wish to save.
  • From the menu or address bar, copy the URL
  • Place the link in the field above.
  • Click the download icon to turn an Instagram link into a downloadable photo link.
  • To begin downloading, click the Download link right now.

How To Download Instagram Reels in Gallery?

Follow these procedures to save Instagram reels to your camera roll:

  • Copy the URL for the desired Instagram reel video.
  • Go to Instagram Reels Downloader, click the link, and select “View” from the menu.
  • It will display the Instagram reel video. It will be downloaded to your galley once you click the download button beneath it.

How to Download Instagram Videos?

The SaveFrom website allows saving most Instagram post types, including pictures, reels, and deleted stories, after 24 hours. Take these actions.

1. Copy the link to the video or photo

To return to the SaveFrom download page after opening the page for the Instagram Reels, IGTV, or photo you wish to save, copy the URL, and paste it there.

2. Add the URL to the text box

To start the downloading process, paste the URL of the movie or photo into the input area at the top of the Insta video downloader page and click on the button to the controller’s right.

3. Press the download icon.

You should be aware that the best quality will be chosen by default but that you have several alternatives if you prefer a particular quality or format.

Steps to Download from Computer/PC:

You can look for computer-based Instagram downloading programs. However, what if we told you that you didn’t need to download any software or browser extensions to use Instagram? Only you need to use any browser to view the Instagram downloader page. To download from Instagram, you should follow the procedure listed below:

  • Launch Instagram on your browser.
  • The URL will appear in the address box when you click on the Instagram post.
  • Then choose the download icon.
  • Finally, click the download link with the mouse’s right button or select “Save link as…” to begin downloading.

Steps to Download from Smartphone

If you’re reading this, you may use a mobile device. If so, you must download the  Instagram downloader in your browser to download Instagram pictures, videos, reels, and IGTV from a smartphone. Let’s utilize the Instagram downloader on a mobile device by following the steps below:

  • Download and launch the Instagram app.
  • Choose your favorite Instagram post, click the three dots in the top right corner, and select the option to COPY LINK.
  • Copy the Instagram URL and click the “Download Now” option on the Insta downloader.
  • Wait, it will instantly turn Instagram into a download link.

How to Save Instagram Video From the Address Bar

With the aid of a short domain, which must be inserted before the URL of the movie or photo, it is possible to download content quickly and easily from the browser’s address bar. ( or, for instance)


After pressing the Enter key, you’ll be sent to a screen with several downloading options. By default, the movie or photo will be chosen at its highest quality. If you require a different rate than the one set by default, select it and press Run Process.

Instagram Video Downloader Private Online

To download private Instagram videos, navigate to the page Save from Instagram Private accounts, sign into your account, copy the post URL (video, story, photo, etc.) you want to save, paste it into the first box of the private downloader above, copy the text immediately below it in the second box, open it in a new browser tab, and finally copy the source code into your browser and paste it in the third box. Then click the view button.

Downloader for Instagram Profiles Pictures

You may download Instagram profile photographs anonymously via the IG Downloader website without logging into your account. You can also download private profile pictures. You may enter the username in the Profile Tap box or copy and paste the profile’s URL into the space provided. After that, you can download the Instagram profile photo in its entirety.


Q. Do you have to log in to your Instagram account?

You may download anything from Instagram without logging into your account because the website doesn’t request your personal information.

Q . Can I copy the Instagram bio?

Yes, you may copy the bio from Instagram by copying the profile URL and pasting it on the website.

Q. What is an Instagram downloader?

You may download IGTV videos, Instagram videos, and photographs with this online tool. Just in case you need it later. The most incredible tool for downloading from Instagram is SnapInsta.

Q. What is insta saver?

One of the most extraordinary Instagram downloader services is Instasave, which was created specifically to save Instagram pictures, videos, IG TV, albums, multimedia, and looping videos for nothing. We know that Instagram does not offer an option for images or videos, but what if we require a download from Instagram? Instasave online will be your buddy and enable you to download original Instagram photos or videos in the same HD quality they were initially submitted.

Q. Can I download Instagram Story?

You can download any Instagram Story; that much is true. To copy a link, choose the (…) button above the Story post, hit the Copy URL option, paste the link into SaveInsta, then select Download.

Q. How do you download Instagram photos and videos on an Android phone?

Copy the Instagram URL. Visit now. Copy the Instagram link, then paste it into the input field to download.


Although numerous websites let you download from Instagram, we stand out from the competition. We do our best to update the downloader with updates to the Instagram algorithm. Now is the time for you to spread the love by telling your friends about our Instagram downloader by sharing the instasave tool on social media.



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