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NSWhatsapp 3D APK v9.46 Download Latest Version [2023]

Despite the rapidly evolving world of smartphones and social media, there is still one thing that has yet to change: text messages. But all this is about to change with the introduction of a new version of Whatsapp by third parties, NSWhatsapp 3d APK.

In what promises to be an unsettlingly addictive text-messaging experience, NSWhatsapp’s innovative combination of 3D avatar and messaging provides a whole new level of communication with its users. The app comes free; that’s wonderful. Be prepared for something utterly different coming your way! To find out more about the NSWhatsapp 3D, read this article.

What is NSWhatsapp 3D APK?

NSWhatsapp 3D APK is a third-party application that has been introduced as an alternative to the Whatsapp mobile application but with a lot of fun and more features. The virtual environment of the app will give you a new way to chat with your friends, family members, or even strangers over a distance by simply opening the application on your smartphone.

NSWhatsapp 3D APK

This new version of Whatsapp will allow users to communicate with each other by sending video and audio messages in addition to the usual text messages.

And even more excitingly, it comes packed with several 3D avatars that the users can use to represent themselves on their screens while chatting. The 3D avatars available include some in-built options such as body shape, shades, and hair color.

Features of NSWhatsapp 3D Mod APK

Although the features of this new application are yet to be fully disclosed by its makers, some hints have been dropped to give an idea of what is coming. Some of the features are: 


Since this is a third-party application, the makers of NSWhatsapp 3D have included anti-ban features to protect the user from any potential banning by WhatsApp. The anti-ban feature will allow users to use Whatsapp for years without a hassle. You can use this version on all types of smartphones.


Auto reply

Yes, you have read that right. You can automatically reply to your messages by simply touching a button on the app. The auto-reply feature of the NSWhatsapp 3D allows users to reply to messages from their smartphones without having to open the application. This feature is introduced to help users to respond faster to messages from their contacts.

The new version does not require using any proxy server as is usually required for other third-party applications. This has simplified the usage of NSWhatsapp 3D and allows users to connect directly with their friends, family, or colleagues easily. This latest version of Whatsapp also includes a new feature known as ‘auto connect’ that helps its users to send messages on different group chats from one interface automatically.

Quick Updates

One of the best features of Whatsapp is the quick updates. The maker of NSWhatsapp 3D has promised quick updates to the app, including new features appearing in the upcoming updates. Set your phone to automatic updates to ensure you are always up to date with the latest version of Whatsapp.

Fonts and Themes

One of the exciting features of this new version of Whatsapp is that you can easily change the fonts and themes. The interface of NSWhatsapp 3D comes with a host of fonts and themes that users can change to their preference. These fonts are available in different colors, styles, and sizes. You can access these options by clicking on the ‘Settings’ button on the bottom-right side. A menu will appear from which you can choose your preferred font and theme color. The color combination will then be reflected in all your messages for easy identification.

Privacy Options

This exciting new version of Whatsapp also provides a comprehensive privacy option for its users. You can hide view status, blue ticks, delivery report, and even typing status from other contacts. NSWhatsapp 3D is completely safe and does not require any form of registration or ID to create an account. It comes with all options that help you to secure all your messages against snooping by anyone. You can also select the best quality of messages that you want to receive from your contacts, thereby preventing slow and distorted messages while sending them.

Easy to Use

One of the best features of NSWhatsapp 3D is its very easy use. The app includes a straightforward user interface with no complex settings to learn. The simplest way to access the features of this new version of Whatsapp is by opening the app and clicking on ‘Settings’ at the bottom-right corner. A menu appears where you can choose your desired font and theme color combination. 

Lock Specific Chats

Another fantastic feature of this new version of Whatsapp is that you can easily lock specific chat groups. This will help you to keep your messages confidential and share them with only the people you want to. You can simply lock a specific group or chat by clicking on the ‘lock’ button next to the group’s name or chat on your screen.

Customization Options

The NSWhatsapp 3D app is highly flexible and offers many options. You can easily customize the look of your avatar and screen with a host of different themes and fonts that you like. The colors, font styles, shapes, and sizes are also available in unparalleled choices.

Backup & Restore 

The application comes with an easy restore system that allows you to back up all your chat logs, messages, and images. The backup option lets you restore the chat sessions and images you have already saved on your device. You can use this feature to access all your messages later when you want to share or delete some of them from your mobile phone memory. It also helps you clean up your device’s storage space by throwing out unnecessary files and messages. 

Media Sharing

The new version of Whatsapp allows you to easily send and receive messages, images, audio files, video files, and documents with your contacts. You can easily share 300 Mb files of any type in one go. You can send images and files to contacts on your phone or in other Whatsapp groups. You can easily access your recent files to continue or resume downloads of images, videos, audio files, and documents when required.


This new version of Whatsapp also comes with cool chat stickers that allow users to send animated stickers on any chat. You can edit them using this new version and change them into animated images per your choice. And yes, it supports GIFs too! This version of Whatsapp also offers a compact view of all texts sent through it. It avoids unnecessary clutter by displaying only important messages instead of all messages received by a user.

Download NSWhatsapp 3D APK Latest Version

The installation process of the app is also easy. You need to follow the simple steps:

  • You can easily download this new version of Whatsapp by clicking any link that will appear after your search from Google Chrome.
  • You may then check the ‘Unknown Sources’ setting on your mobile phone to allow the installation of apps outside the Google Play Store.
  • You will also have to enable ‘Unknown Sources’ on the main security settings of the app. 
  •  After this, you need to go to ‘Settings’ on your mobile phone and search for ‘NSWhatsapp 3D’.
  • After that, click on the install button, and installation of the app will start. 
  • After installation, you can access this fantastic version of Whatsapp by clicking on the ‘NSWhatsapp 3D’ icon.


Is it safe to download NSWhatsapp 3D?

Yes, the app is safe and contains no malicious code. Although it is developed by third-party resources that may contain some viruses or threats of data hacking, you can use anti-virus apps and software to keep your data secured and safe.

It does not require registration or identification before downloading it for your mobile phone.

How to update NSWhatsapp 3D?

The app is free, and you need not spend any money updating it. The process of updating the app to the latest version is also simple. You will be notified about new updates for this version in the same way that you can be notified about updates for your official Whatsapp on your phone. 

You just need to click the ‘Update’ button from your settings, and the new version will instantly be installed on your device. 

How to delete NSWhatsapp 3D?

If you wish to delete this app, you can go to Settings > Manage Apps > NSWhatsapp 3D and click the ‘Uninstall’ button next to it.  All your chat sessions will be lost since your chats are not saved on the external server.

Will you be banned from using NSWhatssapp 3D?

Whatsapp will not ban users who download the app and use it on their mobile phones. They can easily continue using their accounts after installing this app without interruption. Use a temporary phone number and disable your official number whenever you use this app.

Can you use NSWhatsapp 3D on iOS devices?

You may have difficulty using iOS devices because these devices do not accept third-party applications. Therefore, you will notice some difficulty, but you can try other versions on these devices that may run.


NSWhatsapp 3D is the best version of Whatsapp available now and offers many outstanding features on your mobile phone. It gives you complete control over all your messages, and you can easily lock, backup, share and restore them based on your requirements. You can also customize the look of your display screen with different themes and fonts. You can also easily update this app from an old version to its latest one without difficulty. All your ambiguities regarding this app will be apparent now. Download and enjoy its wonderful features.



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