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OGWhatsapp Download APK v1720 Version Latest [2023]

Whatsapp is among the most prevalent and fast-expanding apps of the twenty-first century. It needs no initiation because it has over 500 million monthly active users. It’s the first app we download on our mobile phones or tablet after purchasing it. OGWhatsapp is a modified version of the standard Whatsapp that includes some major updates that make it easier and safer to use. You can say that OGWhatsapp APK is trustworthy and completely free for its consumers.

Furthermore, it is created by third-party programmers and includes advanced safety and protection elements.  By adding this APK software, the user can manage their security issues such as who can see their statuses, profile photos, and conversation. These extra security factors made this app more trustworthy for users.

Apart from that, the programmers of OG Whatsapp APK have introduced another function that allows the user to remove their already sent texts, isn’t it fantastic! Users can also use this brilliant app to conceal their online activity.

About OGWhatsapp

OGWhatsApp is devised with smooth interference, and its user-friendly features set it apart from other Whatsapp editions. As everyone knows, Whatsapp lacks some sophisticated options that users require. For this purpose, OG Whatsapp APK is created to incorporate some of the added technologies which have been lacking in previous Whatsapp in addition to the basic ones. 

OG Whatsapp MOD APK

Furthermore, there are numerous useful components included in this app that will not interfere with your private information or security problems.

OG WhatsApp APK

OG WhatsApp is an amazing, fast and secure messenger app with a user-friendly interface. With its encrypted messages, group messaging and rich media support, OG WhatsApp is perfect for staying connected with friends and family.

It is considered one of the finest Whatsapp mods developed by third-party programmers. Because of its incredible functionalities, it became exceptionally prevalent and was utilized by many individuals.

This mod has many unique properties, but the major one is that you can navigate large numbers of themes that are readily accessible in it. You can manage your security issues, such as who can see your status updates, profile photos, and texts.

Basic Necessities

To get and install OGWhatsApp on your smartphone, the mentioned specifications must be met; or else, the user will be unable to install OGWhatsApp APK.

  • It necessitates Android 5.0 or higher.
  • You should have permitted unknown sources to download OGWhatsApp APK.
  • It is compatible with both rooted as well as non-rooted Android smartphones.

Configuration for pre-built texts

This is among the most astounding additions to OG Whatsapp APK. There will be times when you neglect to text someone, call your family members, or immediately begin a conversation with a friend, but thanks to this function, you can timeline your texts to be delivered at a specific moment. Your texts will be transmitted immediately to the user you specify at the moment you define using this pre-built text timer. In this manner, OG Whatsapp will transmit the message to that particular interaction without you getting anything done. Furthermore, a reliable and safe Wi-Fi connection is necessary to access this function. So, take advantage of this function and keep in touch with your family and friends without interfering with your work career.

Anti-Delete Status

In this edition of the WhatsApp APK file, you can check the WhatsApp status of your contacts, similar to the previous features. Presently, you can respond to all statuses even if they are removed before 24hrs and shocked your friends. This is among the finest data protection functions that you will have access to on your smartphone.

OG Whatsapp MOD APK

Elevated Characters For Composed Status

With this Apk, we can make long phrasings or develop a status of up to 250 words. You can now convey yourself through the WhatsApp status of your WhatsApp profile. In the approved WhatsApp account, you have restrictions to composing the status. However, with the great assistance of OGWhatsApp APK, no one will interrupt you from conveying yourself through status.

Anti-Ban APK

Those who have downloaded the modded editions of Whatsapp may find themselves forbidden by the actual Whatsapp.  However, by adding the most recent edition of OG Whatsapp, you can avoid being suspended because the creators have resolved the problem. Thus, this function has crafted this software as 100% trustworthy and reliable to use.


OGWhatsApp makes your WhatsApp chats more intriguing by adding new functions such as emojis. There you will locate so many emojis that match well with various instances. For instance, if a person is mad at you, you can send him an apology emoji to show that you truly regret your actions. As a result, this fantastic feature assists you in resolving your everyday struggles.

Ingrained Status-Download Function

You can use this amazing software to publish your statuses in addition to conversing with your peers and sharing your pictures. With this function, you can get closer to your relatives by sharing snippets of your life in the form of status updates and stories. In addition, the user can access statuses and stories posted by their friends and relatives, which is not viable with the actual Whatsapp.

Restrict a particular phone number

If you are irritated by receiving calls and are disturbed while using other implementations, you can restrict the contacts who irritate you in the modified editions. This is among the most recent options offered in the free chat app update.

Password Security

Setting a pin code for a specific conversation is an extremely great feature. This function is not accessible in authentic WhatsApp. This is one of WhatsApp’s innovative functions you will not obtain in the authoritative version of WhatsApp. You can save your conversations from other people in this pro variant of WhatsApp in this manner.

Keep in touch with non-added contacts

When you use the approved Whatsapp, you must first add the number prior to actually making a call or composing a text message. However, with OG Whatsapp, you can communicate with or call someone even if they don’t appear on your phone contacts.

Added Characters to the Group Name

When it relates to creating a group name, OG WhatsApp gives us even more characters. This mod surpassed the character count of 35, as opposed to 25 in authorized WhatsApp. You will have ready control to write the full WhatsApp group name if you choose to adjust the name of your WhatsApp group classily.

WhatsApp Locker built-in

This function offers you the benefit of being able to lock your entire app using a WhatsApp locker.  If you install OGWhatsApp on your mobile, no one will be allowed to see your personal chats and conversations without your prior consent. When you complete the installation, you can use security options to protect your secret conversations.

Vibrant Themes

There are over 1000 personalized themes available. You can use any theme you want for your conversation display. If you are tired of the actual authorized WhatsApp edition’s dull themes, you can update the latest variant of OGWhatsApp APK on your mobile and implement the theme that you consider appropriate for your OG WhatsApp main screen.

Calls from a specific contact should be blocked

Yes, by adding this fantastic app, you can restrict any of your contacts from contacting you repeatedly if they are bothering you. This function will assist you by simply stopping their calls rather than the entire contact. You can accomplish this by easily disabling the call-accepting feature for a specific contact in configurations.

Download the status of any person

The actually authorized WhatsApp creators have not introduced this function, but it is available on your Mobile phone if you install OGWhatsApp. If you want, you can imitate the status of your contacts. You won’t have to compose the entire status by hand in this manner.

Send at least 90 pictures

Another wonderful characteristic of this application is the ability to send up to 90 pictures at once, which was not probable with formal Whatsapp. So, take advantage of this immensely helpful function of Whatsapp.

 Accounts with two names

Numerous individuals are unable to use multiple accounts on smartphones. In this modified APK, you can run two accounts. This function allows you to toggle among accounts easily and retains all of your control systems in one spot. With this modified variant and the authoritative WhatsApp account, you can create calls via voice or video on your Mobile phone.

Can Read Deleted Messages

 You can interpret the Deleted texts by facilitating this function. Therefore the next time someone intercepts a message, you won’t be required to ask them what they removed. You can see what other individuals have deleted and figure out what they’re up to.

OGWhatsApp APK creators

OGWhatsApp APK was handcrafted by 2 distinct programmers. People enjoy using both variants of OGWhatsApp, which is why we will go over them shortly…

OGWhatsApp by AlexMods

Alexmods created OGWhatsApp after being inspired by the authoritative WhatsApp. This mod has many unique properties, which is why individuals adore it and it became prevalent in a brief amount of time. You will enjoy using the benefits provided by OGWhatsApp that are not available in the actual version of the application.

OGWhatsApp by HeyMods

After AlexMods created OGWhatsApp, another creator named HeyMods created their own model of OGWhatsApp. People enjoyed this modded variant as well, and users enthusiastically accepted it. This variant also included a slew of unique updates that were not available on the official WhatsApp.

Install and Download OG WhatsApp APK for Android?

And at last, you’ve installed OGWhatsApp. That’s brilliant; where will you get it and exactly how will you configure it?  Don’t bother, I’ll show you everything. So It’s Easy to Set up, Check It Out…

og whatsapp

  1.  Plainly open Download APK from your smartphone file system and select the install icon

og whatsapp

  1.  Now Select the Install icon.  The configuration procedure is currently underway and will take a little while. So, be patient.

og whatsapp

So, now that we have completed the setup process, I am pleased to inform you that OG Whatsapp has been successfully installed. Quickly access and use the Latest Version of OG Whatsapp. That’s fantastic.

og whatsapp


Is OGWhatsApp secure to use?

OGWhatsApp is completely confidential and private. There have been no claims of spyware problems in this mod so far though. You must not root your smartphone in order to install OGWhatsApp on your mobile. However, if you have embedded your smartphone, you can still download OGWhatsApp without issue.

What exactly is OG WhatsApp?

The official WhatsApp (OG WhatsApp) is certainly a modded version of the actual WhatsApp formed by a third-party creator. This third-party application was created to offer WhatsApp users some distinctive properties not available in the original version of WhatsApp.

How do I install and configure OG WhatsApp?

Since Google Play has not authenticated this third-party mod, you will not be able to download the OGWhatsApp APK file. As a result, you’ll have to get OGWhatsApp from third-party online platforms. To get this mod, visit our website and press the “Download OG WhatsApp” icon.

How do I upgrade the original WhatsApp?

Remember to check our website for the most recent OGWhatsApp upgrade. Choosing the most recent edition of OGWhatsApp allows you to take advantage of all the unique updates. If you use an older version of this app, ensure to download the most recent version of OGWhatsApp because modded versions like OGWhatsApp are not available on the Google Play store.


Throughout all, OG Whatsapp APK is a fantastic app that offers you a plethora of intriguing and extra functions that the official Whatsapp does not have. Although it isn’t the real version, it is far superior to it in that it offers plenty of activated functionalities and higher satisfaction. Because this APK software cannot be downloaded from the Google Playstore, you can get it through the link provided above. As a result, if you’re looking for more elements, try GBWhatsApp or install OG Whatsapp and begin enjoying its amazing benefits. So what are you waiting for? Download OG Whatsapp APK from the link given above and enjoy its astonishing pro features right now! Thanks



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