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Soula Whatsapp APK v6.40 Download for Android APK [Free]

Soula WhatsApp: Whatsapp is commonly known to all of us, and it has many versions like GBWhatsapp, OBwhatsapp, Coocoo Whatsapp, and many more. Have you ever heard about Whatsapp Soula? Well, this is the most powerful WhatsApp in the world, and it can do many more things than GBWhatsapp. This blog post will tell you about Whatsapp Soula and its features. So just scroll down your mouse to find out.

What is Soula Whatsapp?

Soula Whatsapp is a new version of Whatsapp with many updated features. It is available for download, and you can get it. The added privacy features make it one of the best applications. Soula Whatsapp is the best WhatsApp in the world. It is used by people looking for high-end features and allows them to enjoy the features available in GBWhatsapp and OBWhatsapp. It has good compatibility with all mobile devices.

Soula Whatsapp

The application gives you more privacy options, customization options, and more options in file distribution restrictions. The application has features like End-to-End Encryption, No Chat Recording, No Spyware support, and much more.

Features of Soula Whatsapp

Chats: This version can make an unlimited number of chats per day. You can send unlimited text messages and images to your friends in this version. It does not put any limit on the sending and also does not spam, and does not flood. You can also install Whatsapp on your android phone to send messages, do video calls, or do video chats from a PC/Laptop.

Soula Whatsapp

New Emojis and Emotions: This version comes with new emoticons, gifs, and stickers that you can use in your messages to express your emotions more funnily. It is not just the standard emojis available on Whatsapp but also supports emoticons and smileys. This feature makes the application more fun-filled and enjoyable.

You can also use these emotions to make your chats enjoyable. So this is another excellent feature of Soula WhatsApp to share with you all here.

More Options for Backups and Recover Information:  Soula Whatsapp allows you to back up your chat data, contacts, and media files. So that if something wrong occurs with your phone or you do not have the application on your phone, you can still recover all this data. It is a convenient feature to have.

The Application contains many advanced features like sharing files between different phones, backups of Whatsapp conversations, calls and messages sent by Whatsapp, and much more.

Support to Send Files in 100 Different Formats: Soula Whatsapp allows its users to send 100 files in various formats like mp3, documents, JPG., PNG., etc. It is a helpful feature to make the application more fun-filled.

You can also send any other kind of multimedia file. This is also a good feature.

This application has lots of features that you can enjoy to your fullest. You will be happy with this application if you love Whatsapp features.

Easy to Share Large Media Files: It is also easy to share large media files of 700 Mbs. You can share all the media types, like MP3, MP4, JPG, etc., in this application.

The Application also gives you many customization options and lets you add different colors and fonts to your WhatsApp account and conversation chats.

So Whatsapp soula is a powerful Whatsapp with many excellent features, and it is one of the best applications in the world that can do much more than GBWhatsapp or OBWhatsapp.

This application truly deserves a place in our hearts because it brings some features you will enjoy. These features make the application one of the best for chatting via Whatsapp and video calls and sharing media files.

How to Download Soula Whatsapp APK?

The download process of the application is also easy.

  1. Search for the application in the search bar of your phone.
  2. Go to your phone’s “Settings” option and then go for security.
  3. Turn on “Unknown Resources” to download the application successfully.
  4. The application will be downloaded on your phone.
  5. After downloading the application, open it to install it on your phone.
  6. Confirm that you want to install the application and click on the “Install” option.
  7. An APK file will be downloaded into your phone’s memory.
  8. When the installation is complete, you can use this application on your phone and enjoy all its features in maximum privacy and security.
  9. Some necessary permissions are being downloaded at this stage and kept in storage to be used later if any of them is required later.

Pros of Soula Whatsapp Mod APK

  • Soula Whatsapp Mod Allows you to customize your profile and other personal information to protect your privacy.
  • The application has many features, including sharing media files and sending large BMP, JPG, and PNG files without limitations.
  • Also, it is easy to manage the storage in the application.
  • Soula WhatsApp Mod allows you to send unlimited chats daily to chat with friends using this application more frequently without hindrance from the phone company.
  • This application is only 50 Mb, so it only has a little space on your phone.
  • It allows you to send a large number of images and also videos.
  • Also, it does not have any limits on the sending of messages or media files.
  • Soula WhatsApp Mod has many customizations like font, color, font size, and keyboard color. These features make your experience much more enjoyable when you use this application.
  • It is easy to install and use and can be deleted from a phone.


Is it safe to download Soula Whatsapp?

The applications from third-party resources can be dangerous for your phone. This can be a threat to your phone. So it is very important to keep the security and privacy of your phone in every application you download on your phone.

Sometimes applications from non-official or non-authorized sources will contain malicious software that will place surveillance on you in the background and steal your personal information, like messages, contacts, photos, etc.

So before downloading any Android application from outside of the official Android Market, make sure that it does not have such malware installed or infected with spyware.

How to update Soula Whatsapp?

After downloading the application, you will find the update option on the application. You can find this option by clicking on “Update.”

After clicking on “Update,” you will receive an update notification. You will have to accept this at this point to continue. After that, all the necessary updates will be downloaded and installed on your phone automatically.

If you wish to go back to downloading new features in your application, click on “Download History” and then click on “Download” again. This selection is under the menu bar of your application and is the most important decision you have to make when upgrading an application.

What is the size of Soula Whatsapp?

Soula Whatsapp has a size of about 50MB. It is compatible with most smartphones and tablets and is available for free download. The users can download the application from this website quickly, as there are no restrictions. So you can download it for free as well.


Soula WhatsApp Mod APK is an Android application that is one of the most popular applications on any smartphone or tablet. It is a beautiful application with unique features and helps you share media files and make friends quickly on your smartphone or tablet. This application can be downloaded from this website for free, and you can install it on your phone after downloading the file. 

We hope you have found this valuable information because Soula Whatsapp Mod APK is an excellent application for chatting with friends securely and sharing videos and pictures. Download and easily enjoy the biggest benefits of Soula Whatsapp Mod APK on your phone.



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