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Whatsapp Plus APK Download (Official) Latest Version 2023

You may use WhatsApp Plus right away on your phone by downloading it right now. For people who want more features in their chatting program, there is an excellent WhatsApp hack available. Downloading the most recent version of WhatsApp Plus for Android devices will allow you to use these features easily.

The official version of this software needs several of the most modern and complex features that this APK version contains. You may conceal your most recent location with the Whatsapp Plus APK. You can also change themes, among other things. One user-friendly messaging program, similar to GBWhatsapp, is Whatsapp Plus APK.

WhatsApp Plus

Additionally, it is the most effective and economical way to stay in touch with loved ones. In brief, it is the most straightforward method of getting in touch with individuals wherever they may be found on Earth. One of the most popular WhatsApp modifications, WhatsApp Plus, will have its features and installation instructions explained here. Read the post and learn more about this beautiful hack you can download to your phone.

Whatsapp Plus APK

The most widely used communication app is now WhatsApp. In other words, a platform directly connects more than a billion people. With technology, everything is possible, and our website’s WhatsApp Plus app is set to usher in a revolutionary new era. This updated version of WhatsApp was created to help you use all the features blocked on the official WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Plus

You can easily customize every tile, banner, message tray, and even the app’s icons in this edition, making it appear like a pro designed for the user experience. You may quickly select to use any notable feature offered in the features section below without knowing how to code, pay, or think like a rocket scientist. To ensure a better conversation experience, WhatsApp Plus puts all the features you have been using on your standard WhatsApp account to the fore and spices them up with even more options. Using WhatsApp Plus is simple, thanks to design cues from the regular WhatsApp app. 

What features is WhatsApp Plus Capable of?

You may choose your total message count with the aid of WhatsApp Plus. Even if English is not your first language and you cannot grasp it, this app has a translational mode that will help you use it. You can also switch between translation modes by using the translate app.

WhatsApp Plus

The first app needs access to this capability. Additionally, WhatsApp Plus is available online. Simply type “Web WhatsApp” into your browser to discover the page where you must scan the QR code and wait for your account to connect successfully.

Why is Whatsapp Plus Popular?

The Internet is filled with many WhatsApp modifications, such as GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, and OGWhatsApp. Among these, WhatsApp Plus is the best since it receives frequent upgrades, including bug fixes and new features. Because it features an Anti-ban Feature, you can be confident that WhatsApp Company will never ban your chats or your account.

Support for Themes

Do you find the WhatsApp default design to be boring? There are more than 5000 Plus Themes in the WhatsApp Plus library. Your pals will be surprised when they view your WhatsApp if you create a unique custom theme. Okay, cool.

Hiding Options

The WA Bonus would always be a plus in terms of privacy. It has several concealing settings that aren’t available on the official app, such as hiding the blue tick, the last saw, the status is seen, and the online status.

Different emoji

Be sure that Emoji Variant does not point to the emojis accessible on the bar before we talk about emojis. The emojis are identical but have distinct patterns. With this MOD, you can choose from more than six styles freely. Do you wish to test it right away?

Font Styles

The most despised typeface on the internet is Arial because people are so sick of seeing it! If you feel tired, try Plus WhatsApp, which has more than 20 different font styles on its interface. Try being unconventional!

No-holds-barred range

The limit is for a simple and constrained individual, but we are geeks! Limits irritate us. In light of this, WhatsApp+ offers you more, with no restrictions on image sharing, message forwarding, image quality, quantity, and video size. With an open heart, share! 

Advance Cleaner

AI is enjoyable and makes our duties simple as pie. The Plus WhatsApp interface now offers enhanced cleanup. You must mark the file types you want to delete, such as outdated messages, photographs, or enormous films. The latter would fall to Plus!


We need a flight mode for the WhatsApp APK as a top priority, which some people may find hard to comprehend. WhatsApp always takes our attention away when working and having the internet enabled. The free DND feature offered by WhatsApp Plus shuts the internet just for itself after permitting.

Whatsapp Lock

Developers introduced a WhatsApp lock to the app UI to maintain security at the highest level. Because WhatsApp Plus has a PIN, Pattern, and Fingerprint accessibility, those who didn’t purchase a smartphone with App Lock won’t need to download a third-party app anymore. This mod also allows you to lock particular conversations.

Hide Media From Gallery

Media-related communication is the most private when referring to Instant Messaging technologies. However, the Gallery app for official WhatsApp displays all messages sent and received. Instead of continuing to do that, switch to WhatsApp Plus, which offers a function that lets you hide gallery material.

User interface

Allows you to personalize your chat gateway and utilize custom themes completely. There are only a few aspects of the user experience that you will want to customize to your preferences, including font size, type, and color. After doing all of this, you can be confident that the screenshots of your discussions will be noticed.

Contact List Requirements

Before sending someone a message on the official WhatsApp, you must go through the hassle of adding them to your contact list. You don’t need to remember the contact’s phone number as long as they have a WhatsApp account and are connected to the one you’re sending the text message.

Better Multimedia Sharing

When transmitting files over the original WhatsApp system, some users have complained about quality problems. The size of these files when they are no longer compressed may prevent their transmission. The file size restrictions have been raised in WhatsApp Plus, enabling the sharing of large files and lengthy films without first compressing or dividing them into smaller pieces. Additionally, more outstanding image quality is ensured because there is no need to compress images before transferring them to the service.

Auto Reply

Only WhatsApp Business accounts have access to the auto-reply feature in the local app. However, you can use this function to reply to anyone in WhatsApp Plus automatically. It greatly simplifies your life, particularly if you lead a hectic life and cannot meet him straight away.

Modify the launcher’s icon

When you first launch, you will see the symbol for WhatsApp’s official version. You may modify the launcher icon for this app using WhatsApp Plus on your phone. When you start WhatsApp, you will thus see something different from what is displayed in the official WhatsApp.

Additional Features

  • conceal writing status
  • Activate/deactivate anti-revoke
  • photos from GB PLUS
  • Adjust conversation screen settings
  • personalize the chat screen
  • Blue microphone, hidden
  • Cover up your recording.
  • Adapt notification popups
  • personalize widgets
  • exchange 100 MB of music files
  • Share fantastic pictures
  • sharing high-quality original pictures
  • sharing greater than thirty seconds and up to seven-minute-long videos
  • Login Lock
  • see activity logs

How to Download and Install WhatsApp Plus APK?

Using several accounts on one phone is undoubtedly doable because both WhatsApp Plus APK and standard WhatsApp may be used on the same device. You must purchase WhatsApp Plus from this location if you need to learn how to install and download this application. Then, I’ll lead you. The “Google Play Store” does not carry this application. You Must Download This Application From A Website Run By A Third Party. Observe These Steps…

  • You must go to the phone’s settings and enable unknown resources to install WhatsApp Plus.
  • Afterward, visit the Download Page and get the APK file.
  • The APK file may be opened by clicking Open on the Android system notification or by going to your mobile device’s download directory and doing so.
  • When the installation is finished, click Open once again to launch the application.
  • Unexpectedly, a new notice will appear asking you to provide WhatsApp Plus access to your media files in addition to authorization.
  • Your current location is on the app’s main screen. On the green “Agree & Continue” button, click.
  • Press the Next button to proceed after entering your phone number and country code.
  • Then type in the OPT code, install Whatsapp Plus, and enjoy this application’s impressive features.

Android Requirement

  1. It requires Android 4.0 or later.
  2. Both rooted and non-rooted Android devices may install it.
  3.  It is necessary to activate “Unknown Sources” to install an app using an APK file.

How to Upgrade WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus in Steps?

We know how difficult it is to resist WhatsApp Plus for even a short period successfully. However, it would be preferable if you were first aware of how to change from the standard WhatsApp app to WhatsApp Plus. Learning the process correctly is essential for preventing WhatsApp data loss. Let’s start right now and avoid wasting any more time:

1. Backup all of your WhatsApp data 

You may back up your WhatsApp data using one of two methods: Google Drive. The top-right three-dot menu on the WhatsApp screen must be clicked to access Settings. In the Chats section afterward, select the Chat Backup option and immediately generate an online backup. Using the PC program Dr. Fone to generate a WhatsApp backup for WhatsApp Plus is the following and fastest method. You must install this helpful program on your PC.

2 . Make a PC backup of your WhatsApp data

You have two different methods to create a backup of your WhatsApp data; where one would be Google Drive. You need to click the WhatsApp interface’s top-right corner three-dot button and then open Settings from there. Later, inside the Chats section, Hit the Chat Backup tab and create an online backup ASAP. The following and most responsive way to create a WhatsApp backup for WhatsApp Plus is using a PC app called Dr. Fone. It’s a handy app that you need to install on your PC.

3. Get WhatsApp Plus on your phone and install it

Once you’ve successfully copied the WhatsApp database, media files, and messages to your computer, double-check your work and click the download button up top to get the APK. Install it on your phone using the default installation method; the download process will take a little time.

4. The most recent WhatsApp data back to WhatsApp Plus

The final step to switching from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus App is to do that. However, to paste all the data precisely as it is on this Plus version, you must choose Restore WhatsApp rather than generating a backup. Welcome to the WhatsApp Plus App, which includes all your essential chats and media assets!

WhatsApp Plus for iOS

It is a program designed exclusively to function on an Apple machine. The application’s specifics are as follows. 

  • The 114 MB file may be downloaded.
  • On December 2, 2019, it was most recently updated.
  • This software program is free. Nothing costs money; it’s all free.
  • This software is compatible with all versions of iOS.


Q.Why is Whatsapp Plus not available on the play store?

A third-party developer creates WA Plus. Unfortunately, it isn’t accessible on PlayStore owing to copyright and license issues.

Q.How do I import chat from Whatsapp to WhatsApp plus?

  1. 1. Back up your WhatsApp chats first. (Access ‘Chat settings’ in WhatsApp and back up your conversations.)
  2. 2. Download WhatsApp Plus (follow the steps from question 3 above).
  3. 3. You will be requested to import the backup when the verification process is finished.
  4. 4. Go ahead and import discussions as requested.


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